Why Crown a Tooth?


It happens that we dentists often recommend to patients that they would be better for the health of their mouth to have certain teeth crowned.  Usually the teeth in question are not the obvious discoloured front teeth but posterior molar teeth.


These teeth are often heavily filled and are designed for the work horse chore of chewing.  Unfortunately, where they are heavily filled the teeth start to develop cracks which can lead as per the photograph to the tooth splitting in two and leaving no option to extract.  A tooth that has been root filled is particularly susceptible to fracture as being an non-vital tooth it does not flex as easily as before during the mastication.


A crown which is designed to encircle the crown of the tooth is like a splint holding the tooth together and preventing the cracks developing into a tooth fracture.  Nowadays, we can crown these teeth with a pure highly biocompatible hard wearing tooth coloured porcelain material called Zircona.  This material is extraordinarily strong even in very thin sections and therefore, minimal tooth reduction is required to prepare the tooth for crowing.

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