Orthopeadic/Orthodontic Treatment


This is  an example of ongoing orthodontics treatment here in Howth demonstrating that with modern fixed train track self ligation orthodontics teeth are not only straightened but the jaw is also developed into that nice wide smile to allow the teeth to come into a nice aesthetic line without resorting to any extractions.  Surprising the result  apparent now took only about 12 months.  The aesthetic brackets we used here have a metal working mechanism for better strength and friction resistance, but we also use metal free brackets if so desired.

Here in Orthocosmetic  Clinics in Howth and in An Spideal, we sometimes use Porcelian veneers to achieve the same effect instanteonously but obviously with a certain amount of tooth loss,  as teeth need to be prepared.  We obviously will always advise in preference the orthodontic route but sometimes our patients want that instant transformation without the hassle!!