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Laser Teeth Whitening

We use the leading teeth whitening system

We use the leading teeth whitening system - Beyond™ Polus® - the lastest and safest laser-powered teeth whitening system.

Watch the quick 1 minute promo movie to learn more. The 30 minute Beyond Polus treatment uses just mild whitening gel and filtered laser light for your brightest, healthiest looking smile.

Book your an appointment online now or call us on 01-8395254. Pay only €95 - a competition-beating, whitening-guaranteed price.

We also provide a home kit for teeth whitening which achieves a very satisfactory result for most people. It entails wearing specially fabricated whitening trays made for your mouth and is used with whitening gel preferably at night. It would require three visits as the trays are custom made for your teeth. This is on special offer at the moment for € 270.
If you want whiter teeth and a beautiful, shiny smile, Beyond Polus is your best professional teeth whitening solution. A bright, white smile can be yours in just 30 minutes. Our revolutionary tooth whitening technology is the latest in cosmetic whitening; bleaching your teeth has never been faster or easier.

Of all the teeth whitening treatments (laser whitening, whitening strips, whitening toothpaste, whitening gel and trays, etc.), Beyond Polus offers the best teeth whitening available. Clinical studies prove our professional teeth bleaching system whitens teeth by an average of eight shades - faster than any other teeth whitening technique - giving you a "makeover smile" that lasts for years.

8 Shades Whiter Smile

Minimal Irritation

Only One visit

Do we have alternative techniques of tooth whitening?

For those usually more mature patients who would like to go to another level we have the “Wow” factor whitening process as invented by R. Curthy. This is a 3 stage process involving 2 one hour stages at the dental office. This whole process we call DEEP bleaching and it is presently available at a special price of €1,170 (normally €1,570).

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Beyond Polus


a competition-beating, whitening-guaranteed price

Home kit - teeth whitening

€ 270

We also provide a home kit for teeth whitening


€1,170 (normally €1,570)

The “Wow” factor whitening process as invented by R. Curthy

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