Cure Buck Teeth!!!! The Correct Way

typical buck teeth syndrome

Cure Buck Teeth!!!! The Correct Way

Having buck teeth not only looks unattractive but is also dangerous for one's health. Amount the reasons for this observation is that buck teeth are very prone to being fractured in an accident also people with buck teeth are generally mouth breathers and this can be the underlying reason for asthma and other health problems due to one's air not being filtered properly.

Statistics show that over 95 per cent of the buck teeth syndrome is not caused by surprisingly enough and contrary to most peoples expectations by the upper teeth being too far forward but rather by the lower jaw being too retruded. This retruded position causes the upper teeth to look too far forward and this is exacerbated by the fact that the lower jaw being in a retruded position does not compel the upper jaw to develop a proper Roman arch line but rather a narrow 'B' shaped gothic type arch. To correct the syndrome or more correctly this skeletal malocculsion the dentist will fit a simple appliance quite often, one called a Twin Block that simultaneously develops the upper arch and therefore also, the nasal airway and at the same time, the lower jaw is translated forward into it's correct position.

On the day the appliance is fitted the facial profile immediately assumes pleasing apparition as the translated lower jaw immediately eliminates the buck teeth appearance.  On no account should this syndrome be treated as it once was by extraction and retracting the upper teeth and thus imprisoning the lower jaw in the retruded position creating ungoing lifetime negative sequelae such as chronic jaw joint dysfuntion, reduced airway and migraine problems.

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Dr. Liam has provided many patients with this appliance and similar since when he completely embraced this approach for treating such patients.  He is happy to note that in the latter few years this approach which is termed Functional Orthopedics has now become the accepted general norm of  treatment of such patients by orthodontists.


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